‘Jewish Character’ of Israel ‘Threatened’ by 35,000 African Asylum Seekers

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri has delayed the planned deportation of hundreds of asylum seekers from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in Israel after the Foreign Ministry said they may be in danger if they are returned to their home country:

In a letter to Shlomo Mor-Yosef, the director-general of the Population Immigration and Border Authority, Deri wrote the move came «in light of recent updates from professional sources at the Foreign Ministry, and based on their professional recommendation to delay my decision concerning ending the collective protection of nationals from the Democratic Republic of Congo because of recent developments there.»

…The letter was signed on February 21, but was revealed Thursday in response to an appeal against Deri’s original decision filed by rights groups HIAS Israel, the Hotline for Refugees and Migrants, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, ASSAF, Physicians for Human Rights and the African Refugee Development Center.

«We are happy the Interior Ministry canceled the deportation decision,» the Hotline for Refugees and Migrants said in a statement, calling Deri’s original plan «wrong and irresponsible.»

«The ministry’s announcement clarifies that the decision to remove the group protection from Congolese citizens while the political and security situation in the country is far from stable, was hasty and dangerous.»

It added that many of the asylum requests by Congolese nationals haven’t been considered for over a decade.

There are an estimated hundreds of Congolese citizens residing in Israel, who fled Congo following an outbreak of violence in the country in the early 2000s.

The Interior Ministry’s Population Immigration and Border Authority (PIBA) determined in October that they are no longer in need of temporary protection after the Foreign Ministry found there was no «impediment to the expatriation» of Congolese citizens.

According to the original decision, Congolese citizens would have until January 5 to leave Israel, according to PIBA, and no new residency permits extending beyond that date would be issued.

Along with asylum seekers from Sudan, South Sudan and Eritrea, citizens of Congo are the only ones eligible to receive temporary protection status in Israel. Critics have accused Israel of dragging its feet in making asylum determinations for the migrants.

…Antagonism in Israel toward migrants has hardened in recent years with an estimated 35,000 African immigrants in the country facing hostility from lawmakers and residents in communities with high migrant populations.

The High Court of Justice has pushed back against government plans to jail or deport the migrants, saying a solution in line with international norms must be found.

The Africans, mainly from war-torn Sudan and dictatorial Eritrea, began arriving in Israel in 2005 through its porous border with Egypt, after Egyptian forces violently quashed a refugee demonstration in Cairo and word spread of safety and job opportunities in Israel. Tens of thousands crossed the desert border, often after enduring dangerous journeys, before Israel completed a barrier in 2012 that stopped the influx.

While many migrants say they are refugees fleeing conflict or persecution, Israel views them as job-seekers who threaten the Jewish character of the state.

Why would the Israelis want 35,000 non-jewish Africans in their country? What possible benefit would they be to Israel? Israel has survived 70 years without being flooded with unskilled Black Africans, so what could possibly motivate them to let them stay? In short, if they allow them to stay, the Jews can virtue signal and claim that Israel isn’t just another racist, exclusive, xenophobic nation. It would allow Israel to score some international public relations points and deflect criticism over Gaza.

But the Jews know full well that 35,000 Africans could turn into 100,000 in 20 years, and that means a permanent Black under class in Israel, which will put pressure on Israel in the future to redefine its identity as a «jewish State». If Jews don’t want to be given a hard time for being an exclusive jewish ethno-State, they are going to have to concede that Whites should be afforded the same desire if they wish. But that’s not likely to happen because Jews fear largely hegemonic White nations far more than they fear 35,000 Africans in their own country.

Jews Panic As New Court Ruling Could Lead To Israel Being Flooded With Black Africans

Many jewish supremacists in Israel are up in arms today after a new Supreme Court ruling could potentially open the country to mass immigration by unwanted African migrants claiming refugee status, say Israeli immigration officials:

According to a report Monday by Galei Tzahal, officials in the Interior Ministry’s Administration of Border Crossings, Population and Immigration have expressed concern over a Supreme Court ruling handed down Sunday, which some fear could set a major precedent, potentially forcing Israel to recognize thousands of illegal immigrants as refugees – and possibly enable future migrants claiming refugee status to enter the country.

In its ruling Sunday, the Supreme Court ordered the State to grant refugee status to a couple and their two daughters, citing fears that relatives of the family could try to force the couple to perform female circumcision on their daughters.

Recognizing concerns over female circumcision, or female genital mutilation (FGM) as it is commonly referred to, as a basis for demanding refugee status in Israel could potentially enable mass immigration to Israel, Interior Ministry officials fear, from across Africa and the Middle East, where the practice is common.

According to the United Nations, more than 200 million women have undergone some kind of FGM procedure, and is most common in Africa – in particular the Horn of Africa – and parts of the Middle East, though it is also practiced in some Muslim communities in southeast Asia.

Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants from areas where FGM is common – including Somalia, Eritrea, and Sudan – currently live in Israel, after illegally crossing the border in the 2000s and early 2010s, prior to the construction of the border fence.

Immigration officials fear, according to the Galei Tzahal report, that the court’s ruling Sunday could cause a dramatic increase in the number of refugees in Israel.

Since the establishment of the state in 1948, Israel has granted refugee status to less than 200 migrants, with less than 1% of migrants seeking recognition as refugees securing that status.

The Israelis need not worry — if Africans ever attempted to storm the borders of Israel as they have Europe or the U.S. border with Mexico, the Israel Defense Force soldiers would open fire and cut them down with extreme prejudice — as they should.

If Israeli Jews are forced to live in the kind of multicultural society that they promote in all White nations, there would no doubt be ‘another’ Holocaust because Jews would lose their jewish identity through inter-marriage and race mixing, exactly what they plan for the White race in our own countries.

While it would be wonderful to see the Jews in Israel get a taste of their own ‘diversity’ medicine, it’s highly unlikely they’ll ever let that happen — nor should they.

If Jews can have their racially homogeneous country, we should be allowed to have ours, too, but of course the Jews can never let that happen again because the last time we tried that, the Jews were politely asked to leave, and those that wouldn’t leave voluntarily had to be forcefully ‘uprooted’.

And the Jews were so traumatized by being forced out of our White Christian countries that they experienced a hysterical mass psychosis where they actually believed that we, the entire White European race, conspired to put them in ‘gas chambers’ disguised as showers and murdered and cremated 6 million of them, without a trace, not even one single gold filling.

All because we just wanted countries of our own to live as we wished.

This is what Israel does with these African «infiltrators». They traffic them ultimately to Europe: