Chabad Rabbi Admits ‘Double Standards’ Are ‘At The Heart’ Of How Jews Live And What They Teach

According to the website of the powerful Chabad Lubavitch Jews, of whom President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is a member, embracing hypocritical «double standards» is fundamental to the way Jews live their lives and perceive the world:

Double standards are supposedly unethical. Yet Judaism — the ethos contained in the Bible and expounded by the sages of Israel — abounds with double standards. In fact, these double standards are at the heart of how we live and what we have taught the world — and at the heart of what makes an ethical person.

One example of an ethical double standard is the different ways in which we regard tragedy, depending on who is the victim. When something bad happens to myself, the Torah tells me to trust in G‑d’s help, justify His ways, and examine my ways for what I might have done wrong so that I may learn a lesson from what occurred. Which are precisely the things I’m not supposed to do regarding someone else’s troubles…

But perhaps the most fascinating — and important — double standard in Judaism is in the way we apply the Divine commandment «Do not kill.»

Much has been written on the infinite value that the Torah places on every individual life. After the concept of monotheism (from which it derives), this is the most revolutionary idea which the Jew has introduced to mankind — «revolutionary» in the sense that it flies in the face of everything everyone previously believed (as indeed in the face of common sense), and «revolutionary» in the way it has transformed the face of civilized society.

Placing an infinite value on every human life means an utter rejection of any «scale» by which to quantify and qualify its worth. The life of an infant with disabilities has the same value as that of the wisest person on earth. An 80-year-old «vegetable» cannot be sacrificed to save the life of a 20-year-old genius. The Talmud tells the story of a man who was threatened by the hoodlum that ran his city that he’d be killed unless he kills a certain person. The great sage Rava told this man: «What makes you think that your blood is redder than that person’s blood?»

Torah law goes so far as to rule that an entire city cannot be saved by giving up a single individual. Because each and every life is of Divine — and therefore infinite — significance. Ten thousand infinities aren’t any «more» than one infinity…

In light of the above, it is surprising to find the following law in the Torah (derived from Deuteronomy 22:26): Habah l’hargecha hashkem l’hargo — «If someone is coming to kill you, rise against him and kill him first.» (This law applies equally to someone coming to kill someone else — you’re obligated to kill the murderer in order to save his intended victim.)

This law seems to contradict the principle of life’s infinite value. If no life can be deemed less valuable that any other, what makes the victim’s life more valuable than the murderer’s life? Furthermore, this rule applies to anyone who is «coming to kill you» — he hasn’t even done anything yet! Maybe he won’t succeed? Maybe he’ll change his mind? Nor does the law say anything about trying to run away. It says: If someone is coming to kill you, rise against him and kill him first.

The same Torah that tells us that G‑d placed a spark of Himself in every human being, thereby bestowing upon his or her physical existence a G‑dly, infinite worth — that same Torah also tells us that G‑d has granted free choice to every person. Including the choice — and the power — to corrupt his or her G‑d-given vitality and turn it against itself, using it to destroy life. A person can choose to turn himself into a murderer — someone who is prepared to destroy life in order to achieve his aims. In which case he is no longer a life, but an anti-life.

To kill an anti-life is not a life-destroying act, it is a life-preserving act. It is not a violation of the commandment «Do not kill,» but its affirmation. Without the law, «If someone is coming to kill you, rise against him and kill him first,» the principle of life’s infinite value is nothing more than an empty slogan, a mere idea.

Judaism is not an idea. It is a way of life — G‑d’s ideas made real.

Notice how this rabbi cleverly equates «The Torah» with «The Talmud» — the naive Christian believes that these «religious» Jews study the same book as them — the first five books of the Bible — the «Torah» or the «Pentateuch», but this is a lie that traces its origins back to the occult pagans of Babylon — the true origins of Judaism.

To the rabbinical scholar, the Talmud always takes precedence over the Torah — the actual Bible — because the opinion of the rabbis is more important than the actual word of God.

The purpose of the rabbi — or the «traditions of the elders» — is to make the word of God to no effect. (Galatians 5:4)

There is no evidence in the actual Bible that we should ever embrace «double standards» or endeavor to undermine the true intent of God’s word, but that’s exactly what the entire Talmud is about — the rationalization of hypocrisy, which is at the heart of Judaism.

When God says there is a «time to kill» and a «time to heal», He’s not creating a «double standard», except in the mind of a Jew.

Jews should never be allowed to be anywhere near a real Bible, let alone comment on it.

This is why pointing out Jewish hypocrisy — which is literally full-time job — has no effect on Jews — it’s like water running off a duck’s back.

Once again, Christ (Matthew 16: 6) is proven correct — the «leaven of the Pharisees» is indeed hypocrisy.

Christians are warned that a «double-minded» man is unstable in all his ways. (James 1:8) Those who are double minded are far from God (James 4:8).

And yet Pope Francis is now trying to rehabilitate this traditional Christian ‘antisemitic’ image of the hypocritical Pharisees.

The Pope wears a yarmulke for a reason, dear Christians.

Flashback: Britain’s 1947 «Kristalnacht»

«In cinema queues and on street corners, one topic dominated the conversation: the murder of two British army sergeants by Irgun paramilitaries in Mandate Palestine. The Irgun was one of several Zionist groups fighting a guerrilla war to force British troops out of the territory and establish the state of Israel. It had kidnapped the two sergeants in retaliation for death sentences passed on three of its own fighters. The three men were executed by British forces on 29 July, and two days later the bodies of the soldiers were discovered amid the trees of a eucalyptus grove near Netanya. They had been hanged and the ground beneath them booby-trapped with a landmine.»

«By the end of the bank holiday weekend, anti-Jewish riots had also taken place in Glasgow and Liverpool. There were minor disturbances, too, in Bristol, Hull, London and Warrington, as well as scores of attacks on Jewish property across the country. A solicitor in Liverpool and a Glasgow shopkeeper were beaten up. Nobody was killed, but this was the most widespread anti-Jewish violence the UK had ever seen. In Salford, the day after a crowd of several thousand had thrown stones at shop windows, signs appeared that read: «Hold your fire. These premises are British.»…i-jewish-riots


This article, of course, is written by a jew – and he interprets the events from a jewish perspective. He goes for the tried and true jewish canard – that the riots were the result of the post-WWII economic depression, that is, frustrated unemployed workers jealously going after the jewish business owners. This is completely false.

The jewish terrorist group, The Irgun, who carried out these assassinations, had committed a number of bloody attacks against British officers and diplomats – trying to force them out of Palestine so that the jews could take complete control – and the British people had had enough of these pushy jews who would stop at nothing to get what they wanted.

This writer, Tony Kushner, also disingenuously writes the whole episode off as a «brief moment when the messy end to a colonial misadventure was played out on British streets.» He also lies when he claims to not understand why this event blew over so quickly and was all but forgotten by the British people.

The real reason, of course, is that jews, and pro-Zionists completely controlled the British press in 1947 – and they still do to this very day. The jews decide what goes down the «memory hole» and what you will never be allowed to forget, such as the Holocaust.

Remembering the USS LIBERTY Attack – June 8, 1967

On June 8, 1967, the United States Navy technical research ship USS Liberty was attacked by Israeli Air Force jet fighter aircraft and Israeli Navy motor torpedo boats with 30-mm cannons and rockets, machine guns, and torpedoes for over an hour. This Israeli attack killed 34 US Servicemen (officers, seamen, two marines) including one civilian, along with wounding 171, yet amazingly did not sink the ship. The ship sustained nearly 1,000 cannon and rocket holes—some the size of bowling balls—as well as over 5,000 armor-piercing shell holes.

Official testimony along with USS Liberty deck log say that throughout the morning of the attack, the ship was overflown, at various times by Israeli Air Force aircraft. There were also two unidentified jets (at approximately 9:00 am Sinai time) USS Liberty crewmembers say that one of the aircraft flew so close that noise from its propellers rattled the ship’s deck plating, and that the pilots and crewmembers waved to each other.

The Israelis dropped napalm on the unarmed ship, even targeting sailors who were trying to rescue the wounded and extinguish fires. The Israelis also fired on all life rafts which is classified as a war crime. Israel claimed it was ‘an accident’, a case of ‘mistaken identity’, though after they shredded one American flag, it was then replaced by another one, that was also filled with holes. Their excuses were something none of the survivors could ever believe.

There can be no question that the attackers knew that the ship was an American vessel. In fact, intercepted radio communications verified that the Israelis knew exactly what they were doing. As a result, this attack with its subsequent cover-up, remains one of the greatest scandals of the twentieth century.



What The Protocols Said Has Been Done by the Jews

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In 1905, professor Sergyei Nilus, an official of the Dept. of Foreign Religions at Moscow, published a book containing what was purported to be THE PROTOCOLS OF THE MEETINGS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION. A copy of the original Nilus publication sits in the British Museum in London, bearing the date of its reception, August 10, 1906. These Protocols are said to give the substance of addresses delivered in Switzerland in 1897 to the innermost circle of the rulers of International Jewry. They are said to reveal the secret plan for world domination as concocted by the Jewish Nation for centuries, as developed through the ages and edited by their Elders up to that date.

The Jews, of course, have vehemently denied that such a meeting of «Learned Elders» ever took place, or that any kind of secret Jewish international organisation or conspiracy exists. And though they claim that the Protocols are forgeries (the definition of forgery is an unauthorised copy of the original! In this respect, and since the Jews didn’t want their existence known to the world, they probably ARE forgeries!), and have spent a fortune to suppress and discredit them, even making it illegal to possess them in some countries, they have never attempted to address or answer the real question that the existence of such a document raises: Have they fulfilled the Protocols while claiming they did not write them? Yes.

Then, what is the difference whether they wrote them or not?

Many scholars have noted the correspondence between the prophecies of the Protocols and their fulfillment. We can see the Protocols being carried out word-by-word in the world-power the Jews at the top have achieved. These are the incredibly motivated schemers who were involved in the worldwide conspiracy to create Israel. They controlled the media to accomplish that, and they still own all of it.

The Jews at the top, the ones who are conspirators against all of mankind today and always have gained power and maintain it through world domination and control of all means of communication (the media.) What these Jewish power brokers have attained today is too glaring to be set aside or deemed as merely coincidental. Most Jews of course realise this even though they are uninvolved. Yet they support the Protocols out of national Jewish Pride, and therefore always evade this aspect of the Protocols entirely.

When the Protocols were first published, they were the typescript of a drama which had not yet been performed. But today it has been running for over eighty years, and its title is «The Twentieth Century.»

The ideas of power development depicted in it move on our contemporary stage, play the parts foretold and produce the events foreseen. So even if you don’t believe in the authenticity of this remarkable document, one thing you can’t deny is their fulfillment. You can toss the Protocols out the window if you want, but you can’t deny the fact that everything they plotted, planned and predicted has either already happened, or is happening now.

This is the greatest proof of their authenticity: That they are now fulfilled. The Protocols describe what the «Learned Elders of Zion» planned to do almost 100 years ago and have accomplished.