Aquaponics The Easiest Way To Grow Organic Vegetables

After the initial setup, this system creates a biological system between fish, plants, and beneficial bacteria that will mostly take care of itself for many years. Gardening becomes less about weeding, digging, fertilizing, watering, fighting pests, and all the never ending work, and becomes more about feeding fish, planting plants and harvesting. You end up doing less work and more of the fun parts. Plus you get fish. You can raise them to eat or just to keep and watch them grow.

There are many problems with growing plants in the soil. First of all, you have to actually be lucky enough to have a piece of land with good enough soil for growing anything. working the soil is a lot of work, digging tilling, adding organic material. Then there are weeds to pull, and gophers and other pests to deal with before they eat your plants.

You just need to a water tank for fish to swim and then a plant bed on top of the tank to grow plants. With the aid of a simple water pump, you’ll be able to recycle water between these two surfaces. There is no problem associated with this system since the entire water is recycled and there isn’t even a drop of water that gets wasted. You may keep fish aquaponics systems anywhere in your house too.

So I’m a fan or organic vegetables, there’s no doubt about that. However what I would like to share is another form of growing your own organics. If you haven’t heard of Aquaponics i’ll give you a brief run down. Aquaponics is a cross between your typical home grown vegetable garden, your fish tank and hydroponics. Essentially you grow your vegetables from the nutrient rich water a tank of fish produces. An Aquaponics system is incredibly easy to set up and maintain, requires only a small amount of space and the benefits… well I’ll list just a few.

This is such a large subject, but I’m not going to get into all the details in this article. But people are increasingly turning to aquaponics and hydroponics at home to grow their own plants. And that’s what Aquaponics 4 You can do for you. This program gives you step-by-step instructions of how to build your own aquaponics system.

Deserts in lower latitudes have an advantage in that they can grow warm water fish like tilapia without much worry about their water getting too cold. Tilapia are very efficient at producing protein, will eat just about anything, aquaponic are becoming increasingly popular as a food fish. They do very well in these systems, especially since they need little space.

It is very important that you provide plenty of oxygenation for the water. Oxygen is just as important to your fish as it is to you. Without oxygen your fish will die and if levels are too low they will not thrive an can become sick. The healthier the fish are, the better the whole system will work. You can not oxygenate the water too much. It is far better to give the fish more oxygen than they need than not enough.

In a fish aquarium you have to constantly add food to the system. Then you need a filter to remove the waste materials from the water that the fish produce from the food. This is usually done with a mechanical filter, but plants can also make a great filter. Plants will clean the water while they extract valuable nutrients from the water. With a good balance between fish, plants, and friendly bacteria, you can have a healthy aquarium without a mechanical filter, that will mostly clean itself.

After six months to a year and you have a yanker for some fish, just yank out one or two of these large deliciously healthy mature fish for dinner. And yes some of those Organically Grown Vegetables that you have been eating all year round…excuse me for just a minute, i’m beginning to slobber, just a little…I’ll be right back…Okay, got that taken care of LOL…Aquaponically grown strawberries… yummy! Sorry had to take that break…

Listen, I have no problem with hydroponics except for the Chemical usage. Hydroponics has been around for a long time and is a great way to grow veggies but when I learned about aquaponics it was like a light had turned on for me and I wanted food that was organically grown and aquaponics is the way!