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There are many sources of fertilizer, but sometimes finding good sources of organic fertilizer that is affordable and convenient can be difficult. There is a surprising source of organic fertilizer for tomatoes and other garden plants that can change the way you grow your garden. It allows you to grow more plants that are healthier and with less work from you.

This revolutionary food production system was devised by Dr. James Rakocy. Dr. Rakocy also known as the «Father of Aquaponics» he is a pioneer and actually the leader of the research teams that coined the phrase «Aquaponics» at the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) some 30 odd years ago.

This is all done without soil, so it eliminates all of the garden work that keeps gardeners constantly busy working. With aquaponics you just let the system do its thing. This creates a system that is very similar to nature. Plants and animals grow just fine in nature without someone having to clean things up, dig, water, fertilize and pull weeds. That’s because there is a balance between plants and animals that take care of each other. The same with an aquaponic system.

Just about any type of fresh water fish can be grown in an fish aquaponics system, but some are easier to keep than others. Some are also more appropriate for different locations. Most fish require water of a certain temperature range. Before choosing a fish make sure that you will be able to maintain the proper temperature. Also make sure they are allowed in your location. Some types of fish have been banned in some locations.

Fish release chemicals diy aquaponics effluent into the water that can become toxic to them if it builds up. This is why aquaculture produces so much waste water, to carry the wastes away. The stuff in the water that is not so good for the fish, is great for plants. Fish water is high in the nutrients that plants love. Fish farmers have the privilege to have large supplies of water that is full of organic nutrients that can do an amazing job of growing plants. Unfortunately many of them let it go to waste.

The price a 1 foot Kio can bring in is up to $400 USD each. There are even some that can grow to 2 feet long. These can fetch up an aquaponics $3,000 USD is some markets. This allows the Aquaponic farmer to make a choice of raising fish for food or as a source of income that can be lucrative.

Since there is no soil, there are no soil pests to contend with. This almost totally eliminates the need for pesticides. This also makes it that much easier for you to have amazing plants and fruit without the fear of toxic chemicals, hence you grow 100% organic.

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