Fish Aquaponics: Know The Top Species

A home aquaponics system is great for anybody who is interested in growing more vegetables in the same space or for anyone who wants to kick the un-trustworthy grocery store to the curb and grow their own organic produce.

Aquaponics is growing in popularity so fast because people are discovering how simple and effective it really is. With very little effort and cost, it can provide you with an endless supply of fresh vegetables and fish.

Once you have your aquaponics diy system up and running, you will have a tank which holds the fish (possibly Tilapia) and a growing bed that the plants are in. In the fish tank, you will have a species of freshwater fish in one to 2,000 liters of water. The fish create waste and so does the uneaten fish feed. This waste creates ammonia.

It takes away a lot of the back breaking work of a typical vegetable garden because the plants can be harvested above ground level and there is no need for an aquaponics weeding. The watering can will also become a tool of the past as the system waters itself.

The great thing about this form of gardening is the sheer amount of extra crops that you can grow in the same space of a normal garden. Let’s say you have a square metre of soil, normally this would let you grow 10 cabbages. With an aquaponics system you can grow lots more because the plants are in grow beds which are stacked up on top of each other.

It takes a little bit of work to get the system established and after that it mostly takes care of itself, aside from feeding the fish, checking PH levels and and a few other light maintenance details. Of course you have to do the planting and harvesting too, but that is the fun part and is very simple. Since there is no soil involved there is no digging.

These systems when bought in kit form are very expensive but there is a way around it, D.I.Y aquaponic is a very cheap alternative. The results are the same, great tasting and fast growing plants and vegetables but for about a quarter of the cost.

Choose an elastic tub for your fish. It is very useful to have an elastic tub for the fish where one can improvise its windows or holes for the tubing.

With aquaponics you can grow much more in less space, using natural organic fertilizer. Since you are making a natural system that mostly takes care of itself, it means less work for you. Fish are very easy to care for, and they will take care of watering and fertilizing your plants for you. Plus you get to have fish to either eat or to keep like aquarium fish.