After you win an auction, go online to buy a domain name for about $8 the first year. Then sign up for $6.99 a month web hosting account and you could be in the website promoting business for about $95 your first year!

Keep the Adult Website simplified — Easy navigation. Don’t have clutter on your website or too much happening or moving at once on the website for it turns prospective business off. Adult buy turnkey website such as this are horrible to the eye and turn people off. There are many studies that show this and they all can’t be lying.

Similarly, there are also internet frauds that will ask you to involve more members in the same scheme to be qualified for getting your money. In this case, you should be sure that this business opportunity is totally far away from any legitimate home business.

You also have the option of listing your turnkey websites that make money on Sedo. They don’t charge any fee but you’ll have to pay a commission fee of 10% if a buyer purchases your website.

So what is it all about then? Well, essentially Project Archimedes is about teaching you how to Your Info at lower price and sell them at higher prices. It’s also about showing you how to create websites with EXIT PLAN, meaning that creating websites with a purpose of selling them. In the internet marketing world, this process is well known as «website or site flipping».

The same goes for eBook sites. Amateurs were throwing together badly written ebooks of a few thousand words, creating what they called a «sales letter» for it (you should see some of these things!) and then offering them up for $2000+ sometimes.

If the artwork of the artist is popular, the artist can continue to earn a steady revenue stream without putting in additional work. This is a great way of earning passive income. Both full and part time artists can do this. There’s very little risk involved.

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