Home Aquaponics — Considerations For Backyard Aquaponics Systems

Starting a business can be a challenge, and much of the information about starting your own business that you will find on the Internet is no help. Most of it is just people trying to sell you gimmicks that create false hope and will distract you from the effort needed to start a real business. If you are interested in starting a real business, instead of wasting time with money making gimmicks, here is an idea with some business potential.

Once the water is balanced, the fish are thriving, now you start growing in your new aquaponic system! Lettuce is a good first crop according to what I have read. But choose what it is you want to grow!

If you want to eat food that is truly organic, and without costing a fortune, growing your own can be the best way. For most people this is a dream that has long been out of reach. Although they would love to grow their own food, they may not have the resources or the time to grow a garden. A large plot of land with fertile soil is just out of reach for a large percentage of people in modern times.

To help keep the fish in the aquaponic source system healthy, their environment must be kept constant. For the best results the temperature of the water must be maintained between 70F and 86F. This is a 16 degree cushion, but that does not mean it can fluctuate between these extremes on a daily basis. For the fish not to go into shock, the daily average of fluctuation should not be more than 2F. This will give them a stable environment to live.

In one area you have your fish which produce ammonia aquaponics how to then ultimately nitrates are formed. In the other area you have your plants that use the nitrates along with other wastes/toxins that are in the water. Let’s now put the puzzle pieces together. The ugly water from the fish tank is used by the plants to grow. The plants clean the water so that the fish have clean water to live in.

The gardening side of aquaponics is also typically easier than traditional gardening in the ground. With build aquaponics system you control the growing environment. You can place the grow beds at a comfortable working level. There is no need for digging and soil conditioning. No tilling in manure or compost. No weeds or gophers or other common headaches that typically come with gardening. If your system is indoors, you are no longer dependent on weather and you can grow your garden year round.

Aquaponics systems can be compact and take up little space. And unlike a traditional garden, they can be easily assembled and re-assembled. So if you move to a different home, you can take it with you. It can be placed outdoors, if your climate permits, or in a greenhouse or even indoors if you can get enough light. If you don’t have enough light, grow lights are an option, although they will increase costs.

If you are experienced, you can size your system and be ready for as large of a tank and growing system that you want. But if you are a newbie, as I am in this arena, learning an all new vocabulary as well as new skills, planning is the first and most important step. Make sure that you ask lots of questions, and then test, test, test.