build aquaponics system

Aquaponics system involves the activity of growing fish and plants together. Fish and plants are raised in a 100% natural and interdependence environment. Interdependence is achieved because plants and fish grow together in a tank. The method may sound complicated, but it is simple, and is one of the best ways to produce plants and fish free from toxins.

Breeding and selling fish can make a profit, or at least cover the cost of fish food and the whole system. You can grow tilapia, catfish, bass, trout or other food fish, aquarium fish, koi and other ornamental fish. A lot of people have fish ponds in their yards or fish in their homes. With aquaponics, you can put the fish to work for you growing fresh organic food.

There is a certain satisfaction that comes with seeing something that you have created with your own hands develop into something useful for the whole family. Watching as the plants grow bigger and then bloom before baring all manner of delicious fruits and vegetables. And knowing that under the water there are fish-usually tilapia or catfish-that will one day be big enough to grace your dinner table.

Of course, in order for the water to be kept clean and crops to grow the build aquaponics system system must be balanced. This is biological system which many say requires three things which are the fish and the plants and also bacteria. Some bacteria is a must as some bacteria is required for life to continue. There is a forth component and that is water. Water is also important in this balanced system because the fish require it and so do the plants.

Aquaponics is a combination of two systems, aquaculture (growing fish) and hydroponics (growing plants with water without soil). Both of these systems have their problems, but when you combine the two systems, they take care of each other aquaponic the problems go away. You end up with a highly productive, low maintenance system that mostly takes care of itself.

If you are really serious about eating healthy organic food, growing your own food is the way to be sure you are getting the most nutritious and organic food there is. With commercial aquaponics this can be practical, even for those with busy lives and not a lot of space.

These are some of the reasons most people don’t grow their own food. Instead, they go to the grocery store and buy food, sometimes paying inflated prices for «organic» food. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Many people are discovering just how simple and practical it can be to grow clean organic food in their own homes. That’s right, I said inside their homes.

Before you add your fish, simply add a cap full of ammonia per 50 gallons of water to your system. In a few weeks you can test your water (with an aquarium test kit) and see how much ammonia is there, how much nitrites and how many nitrates there are. Once you have plenty of nitrates and not much ammonia, you’re good to go. It’s now safe for fish. Add the fish and let your aquaponics system take shape!