Internet Child Pornography Defense

It is believed that 20% of child pornography contains visual depictions of children. Child pornography is most often described as a sexually related image of a minor. A large amount of these images are found on the internet. Any web page that contains images of children in a sexual manner will be considered as this illegal form of pornography.

The presence of porn on the internet has been continuously growing for years. The pornography industry is worth billions of dollars. Unfortunately, this also means the availability of children portrayed in a sexual manner has also increased. The financial draw is one reason people find themselves with criminal charges.

A person may be charged with a sex crime at several different levels and may be sentenced accordingly. One charge is the production of the pornographic material, which may or may not lead to distribution to others. Creating illegal pornography typically carries the harshest penalties of all pornography-related crimes. The next level is the distribution of child porn. Distribution on the internet may include e-mailing images or using social networking sites to spread the visual depictions. If caught, severe sentences may be assigned, including jail time, fines, and being listed on the national sex offender registry. Individuals can also be charged with possessing child pornography on their personal computers that they obtained from the internet.

Individuals who have been accused of this crime have several options for defending themselves. They may choose to fight the charges and defend their names against false claims. This includes proving they have a clean record and that the charges against them are untrue.

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