Preparing Your Home for Sale

When the time comes to put your home up for sale, the excitement and trepidation are twofold. You can’t wait to get the best price on your old home and you can’t wait to get a good deal on your new home. After all, when you found this house, you saw its potential and invested in its structural materials and aesthetic comforts. Maybe you added a half bath, replaced the windows, flooring, and roofing over the years.

Now, you want a potential buyer to see those improvements and recognize their value. You hope that what was once your house will soon become someone else’s dream home and all you need to do is align yourself with the right broker and the right buyer that will make you an offer you can’t refuse. But, as your broker or real estate agent will tell you, there are several extenuating circumstances that will impact your selling price and your ability to sell quickly.

Real estate professionals explain to homeowners every day how a home’s value is only as high a price as someone is willing to pay for it and for five very important reasons. The number one reason a home for sale can have difficulty is because of the status of the housing market. There are periods when the buyer has the advantage, periods when the seller has the advantage and moments after downturns that are profitable for both — like right now.

In several cities around the country, the housing market is brightening for sellers. Buyers recognize the shift in vulnerability and desperation of the seller because of the other four reasons that impact home value. The second reason is the list price. If it’s higher than comparable homes in your area or of similar attributes around town, buyers are far more likely to look elsewhere.

The third reason is your location. If you have the most accurate pricing near coveted water view/access, parks, downtown access, public transit, entertainment, art, or school districts, 오션파라다이스릴게임 you will be far more likely to receive serious buyers as a result of the elevated foot traffic.

The fourth factor is competitive pricing. Fifth and lastly, you can give your home for sale an advantage with upgrades to the usual bath, kitchen, flooring, painting, fixtures and finished basement. Eventually, someone won’t be able to resist the home for sale and purchase it and you’ll be on your way to your new home in no time!