Start An Individual Growing Plants And Fish With Aquaponics

Fish Tank. Anything that holds water is suitable. Many people like using small kiddie-type pools or barrels. The only limiting factor is the size of the footprint you want your system to have. Requirements for the fish tank are (1) a source of oxygen for the water, like a fish tank bubbler, (2) a filtration system to remove the solid waste from the water, and (3) make sure that the size of the tank is large enough for the amount of fish you intend to keep.

The fish are the key in an aquaponics farming. Your system will work better if the fish are in healthy conditions. To obtain your fish more healthy and happy, make sure they have all the comfort they need. This is why you need to oxygenize the water on a daily basis.

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Hydroponics came along as a way to eliminate a lot of these problems. With hydroponics, you can grow plants in a controlled environment without the labor of working the soil. All the labor of working the soil and pulling weeds is eliminated. But with hydroponics you have a new set of chores. You have to constantly keep the right balance of nutrients in the system. You have to constantly buy fertilizer and sometimes flush the system to eliminate excess fertilizer. Plus many people don’t like the idea of growing their food with chemical fertilizers.

Some say that an aquaponics system is the best system as the disadvantages of the other two systems are eliminated. What is left is a system that works in harmony. The water is kept clean, the food grows and there is very little the ‘farmer’ has to do.

This approach can be sustained for a long period of time and many aquaponic gardeners around the country have already experienced great success with creating sustainable aquaponic systems that regularly produce organic vegetables as well as great-tasting fish. In this system, you don’t have build aquaponics system worry about fish growing in polluted waters.

Once you’ve done all of that you’re ready to get started with the first stage. In this step you simply fill the system with water and add a couple of fish. If you want to speed things up a bit you can also add some nitrifying bacteria (which will help speed up the first cycle). You’ll need to let the system run for 2 — 3 weeks, but once that’s done it’s time to grow some plants!

Before you set up your aquaponics garden, you should read this aquaponics how to guide. It will show you how to build a simple low cost system and teach you everything you need to grow your own food.