With the prices of food rising and the want to go organic an ever increasing trend then it is no wonder that aquaponics has taken off in such a big way. The thing that puts a lot of people off getting started is that they think it would be difficult to set up a system that needs you to care for fish and tend to vegetables at the same time. In truth aquaponics is easy and a basic diy set up can be up and running in well under a month.

It is necessary to keep a close monitor on the quality of the water within a system. The pH of the water, along with the amounts of dissolved materials, can have a huge impact on the health of the fish. These values can also change quickly. Keeping a close eye on them fish aquaponics is important.

Freshwater fish like tilapia or white bass are put in a holding tank. The holding tank has simple aeration system to oxygenate the water. The fish are fed with pellets or organic/natural fish food.

Tilapia. It is a well-known cultured fish in every parts of the world. It is excellent for fish aquaponics system for several reasons. It is fast growing, easy to breed, and can withstand cool temperatures. It has an omnivorous diet and its meat is a great source of protein for the humans. There’s one thing about this fish, though — it cannot breed in very warm waters. If you place them in cool environment, you can surely harvest great amount of tilapia since they breed faster and grow faster. But because it breeds at a very rapid rate just like the carp, tilapia species are considered pests to some other countries abroad.

As an example… imagine you had a 2′ x 3′ garden filled with a couple plants. An aquaponic system can easily grow 10x as many plants as a normal soil garden can and because it fixes the watery taste problem of hydroponics whatever you grow tastes great!

The vegetables that you grow will not only grow faster but will taste magnificent, simple as that. Not only will they taste a ton better than bought ones but they are also free because you grew them. You just need a pack of seeds and then after that you just take the seeds from your crop so there is no need to buy again.

Learn all about aquaponics in this aquaponics how to guide. You can get started easily with the step by step instructions. Whether you are going to start a small scale system or a commercial farm, this guide will help you get started.