A number of people ask me what is Aquaponics? Can we set up Aquaponics at home? What are its main benefits? Because, people are curious about, Aquaponics food cultivation. You can easily set up aquaponics in your home. It is not difficult. It is more suitable for congested places where no one can even think of farming or fish farming. It does not matter if you are living in a flat of a high rise building or you are staying in your separate home, you can have your own aquaponics system. If you have some space on your roof top, you can easily set it up there on the roof. You can place it anywhere inside your home.

Though there is an ever-growing trend of eating organic, the market is hard to navigate. Not all the products claiming to be organic are always this way. Moreover, you can spend more on products claiming to be organic and end up getting lower quality than the normal vegetables grown with pesticides. The only way you can be sure that the food you are consuming is 100% organic is to start growing it yourself.

Your location can mandate which types of fish you’re using in your an aquaponics system. Tilapia is a common breed of fish used in aquaculture, but some areas have banned the use of them. It’s best to check your local regulations to ensure your type of fish are legal. Keeping in mind the temperatures of your climate, you will need to research your fish choice to ensure they will be able to survive. If you’re heating the water or using an indoor system, this can help with the variety of fish you can use.

The latest type of gardening without soil is known as aquaponics and turns out to be a simple way to grow a garden. The great thing about this type of gardening is that you can grow vegetables while growing eatable fish providing a diversified variety of food.

Let’s compare aquaponic supplies with a conventional aquaculture system that houses freshwater fish. A typical aquaculture system will get dirty very quickly. If a holding tank has about 500 gallons of water, about fifty gallons of water has to be removed every day to keep the system reasonably clean.

Your produce tastes FANTASTIC! Now I’ve grown all sorts of vegetables diy aquaponics plants in soil, but was astounded at the fresh full flavoured vegetables I could grow with this system.

If you have ever had a fish aquarium, you probably know that a mechanical filter is required to keep the fish alive and the tank clean. But with an aquaponics system, the plants do all of that for you. Instead of a filter cartridge, a grow bed is used to pump water through and the plants roots do the cleaning.

With aquaponics you can grow much more in less space, using natural organic fertilizer. Since you are making a natural system that mostly takes care of itself, it means less work for you. Fish are very easy to care for, and they will take care of watering and fertilizing your plants for you. Plus you get to have fish to either eat or to keep like aquarium fish.