When To Plant The Very First Plants Within A New Aquaponics Garden

For someone new to the concept simply put it is the marriage of aquaculture (which is raising fish) & the practice of hydroponics (cultivating plant life).

You will need a location that gets plenty of light. Either a sunny location or with artificial light. If your system is indoors, a large sunny window, or even better, a sun room makes a great place. When outdoors, the shady side of a building or trees might inhibit growth. Full sun is best, unless you live in an area with extreme heat, then afternoon shading may be welcome. Choose a place where you can maintain proper temperatures. This is where indoors or in a greenhouse has its advantages. Avoid areas where chemical substance may be present. aquaponic if outdoors, think about protection from wildlife that could be a problem, like raccoons.

So I’m a fan or organic vegetables, there’s no doubt about that. However what I would like to share is another form of growing your own organics. If you haven’t heard of aquaponics how to i’ll give you a brief run down. Aquaponics is a cross between your typical home grown vegetable garden, your fish tank and hydroponics. Essentially you grow your vegetables from the nutrient rich water a tank of fish produces. An Aquaponics system is incredibly easy to set up and maintain, requires only a small amount of space and the benefits… well I’ll list just a few.

Aquaponics has great profit potential. I am not going to tell you that you are going to make a quick killing with it. I can pretty safely assure you that you won’t. But you can build a real business that can become quite profitable over time. At the least you can get a system started up that will produce fresh vegetables and fish for you and your family. And aquaponics is a whole lot of fun if you like growing things without a lot of work.

When you plant in the ground, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage from the beginning. Working with soil is a lot of work, and nature already has a lot of experience from growing other plants and animals that we call pests, in that spot for thousands or millions of years. build aquaponics system is a way to grow plants in an environment that works with nature instead of against it, and saving you from most of the work.

This form of gardening may be growing in popularity faster than any other method. Instead of using the old methods that are plagued by harden pests like moles, gophers, slugs and snails, this method eliminates these problems. One of the reasons that garden pests are such a problem is, you are likely trying to grow something that doesn’t belong there. And in order to get the plants to grow there, you will be in a constant battle with nature.

You can also get a lot of good information from this aquaponics how to guide. It will teach you all you need to know to get a simple and highly productive aquaponic system set up and producing plenty of fresh food.